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Buy and Sell
Posted on Oct 28th, 2015

You go to the website and fill out the “Buy and Sell” form for publication. By filling out the form and submitting it, owners are giving approval for their information to be published on the website for viewing by other residents. If owners have questions regarding the web form or procedures, they should contact Sally Sweitzer ( for assistance.
A household may list ONE item at a time.  The item cannot promote a personal business or offer links to other web addresses.  If it sells – you can offer another item. If it does not sell, you can take it down and try to sell another item.  A single item can be on the website for 30 days, after
which time it will be removed.
Once an item sells, the resident who submitted the item can click on “edit my ad” next to the title of the ad and change the expiration date to the current date and hit “save”.  The ad will then expire the next day and no longer be published. Or – a resident can use the “contact us” form on the website and request that the ad be deleted. The resident should include his/her name and the name of the sold item. Our webmaster can then delete it. Owners cannot delete the item themselves.
Sally Sweitzer ( will handle the logistics with the webmaster. You should e-mail a description and photograph (if you like) of the item for sale as well as your contact info.  The ad will be behind the login of our website - so it can only be seen by Sauk Creek residents.