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We aim to make available to our owners information that is relevant to their interests.
On our website, you'll primarily find information about our bylaws, board minutes, committee priorities, finances, member activities, and issues related to our buildings and grounds. Feel free to provide feedback or input by using the Contact Us link located in the top left menu. This link will send your message to the Carryl Company and cc the Board President, Vice President, and the Web manager. Prospective buyers and agents, while we can't answer any questions about potential upcoming listings, feel free to contact us if you have general questions about the condos or the association.
~ News ~
Changes in Clubhouse Procedures
Posted on Jul 25th, 2023
At the July Board Meeting, the proposed changes to SCCA Clubhouse use and scheduling were approved. The board has been working with several owners to make the clubhouse facilities more accessible to all owners. Changes will be phased in over the next several months. Here are some of the highlights.

1. There will be no deposit for owners to reserve.

2. At the current time, reservations may be made by calling the Carryl Company. This will be changed to allow online sign-up when our revised website is operational.

3. The lock on the front (South) door has already been made accessible with a combination number pad. The combination is available when you make your reservation.

4. There is a sign in sheet on the Kitchen counter. Please sign in and out when you use the clubhouse. Follow instructions on the new checklist before leaving.

5. LOCK the door when you leave. Directions for how to operate the lock are posted on the inside of the door.
We welcome comments and suggestions about how to make the transition work for all of us. There will be opportunities for all owners to be involved in the management of the clubhouse.
Mary Jo Sanford
Linda Meinholz
Cheri Awtrey

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